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Design Portfolio: Event Marketing Environments

More and more companies are taking their message “on the road”. A private event creates, among other things, the opportunity to engage the client without distraction. You can educate, entertain, survey, test new products or marketing strategies…all within your dedicated environment. They are in your space, focused on your message, your product, and your services. This is your chance to engage their mind and make a lasting impression.

Creating a memorable, compelling event experience can result in new business opportunities and expanded client relationships. There is both an art and a science in creating this environment, and we at SkyGEM have a history of delivering results. Let us work with you to take your message to the audience you seek and motivate them to be a customer for life. 



Case Study

Skyline is an integral part of the Avon Annual Conference and has been able to contribute to its success for the past few years. The conference is a large show in which all of Avon’s brands are represented with a variety of displays that Skyline has helped to create. Skyline provides designs, hardware, graphics and exhibit management of all of the show materials.

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